Localised Sushi to Malaysian’s Taste Bud

Established since 2011, Empire Sushi has revolutionalised the way Malaysian enjoys the perceived premium Japanese cuisine, SUSHI, as an affordable food for everyone.

Transformed from the traditional way of sushi making which solely focus on freshness of seafood, and the competent cutting skill, Empire Sushi offers creative premium sushi with localised taste preference, and unique texture. We fully utilise local spices to create our self-made sauce, and introduce various culinary styles in making our sushi unique to local taste buds, to indulge our multi-racial population casino in Malaysia.

Empire Sushi “rolled out” with high demand from 1 to 80 directly-owned outlets nationwide and stand strong as the Number One Grab & Go Sushi Chain Store in Malaysia. Branding as a quick-service sushi store with trendy appeal for sushi lovers, Empire Sushi provides speedy service serving Truly Malaysia Sushi as on-the-go fast food.